Industrial Equipment Repair

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Industrial equipment repair
Industrial equipment repair

Innovative industrial equipment repair requires talented, experienced and dedicated specialists. At K+S Services, we offer turn-key industrial machine repair services for a variety of industries. Discover the advantages of choosing our team and learn more about the industries and equipment we’re experienced in repairing.

Some of the repair services we offer include: hydraulic repair, hydraulic cylinder repair, welder repair, cnc repair, plc repair, servo motor repair, servo valve repair, ac/dc drive repair and more.

Certifications and Credentials

We offer cutting-edge services using state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff. If you’re concerned with the strictest quality and most reliable repair services in the industry, find out how K+S Services compares with the following credentials and certifications:

  • Extensive inventory: We offer over 122,000 unique parts from a range of OEM and aftermarket manufacturers in our extensive inventory. This allows us to accelerate our repair schedule and tackle specialized projects with the right inventory in stock.
  • Complete system testing and quality assurance: We test every project that we take on to ensure OEM or better performance. Our closed loop system testing verifies that any industrial equipment we repair is ready to operate safely before reinstalled in your facility.
  • ISO certification: Our ISO 9001: 2015 certification ensures international quality standards are met with all our services.
  • Highly trained technicians: With over 35 years of operation, K+S Services hires only the best equipment repair technicians for your industrial needs.
  • Complete documentation: Enjoy peace of mind as we carefully document the entire repair process. If there are any issues with our replacement parts or repair services, you’ll have extensive documentation to verify all work was performed correctly.
  • Reliable warranty: Because of our commitment to the highest quality, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our repair services.

Compare our services with our competitors to discover why we’re a leader in the industrial repair industry. With globalized resources and a commitment to prompt, professional customer service, we offer the results you need to outpace the competition and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing facility or assembly line.

Industrial Machine Repair Capabilities

Industrial machinery includes a range of highly specialized components, so you need a repair team that understands each area. Our team at K+S Services is capable of performing any electronic, machining, motor or hydraulic repair services on your industrial equipment.

From innovative robotics cells to CNC machine controls and gearboxes, we can confidently diagnose any issue, create an estimate and timetable, repair any issue and provide in-depth testing services.

Some repair issues require new parts to be ordered or fabricated. Whether we repair your equipment directly on-site for expedited services or take your components back to our state-of-the-art facility, we offer a full range of industrial machine repair services.

Common Equipment Repair Services

We repair an extensive range of industrial equipment with OEM or better results. Here are just a few common industrial components we repair for your industry:

Industrial machine repair
  • Air pumps
  • Cylinders and servo actuators
  • Brakes
  • Blowers
  • Fluid pumps
  • Gear boxes
  • LCD monitors
  • Light curtains
  • Power supplies
  • Logic controls
  • Weld controls and guns
  • And more

Our technicians are directly trained by many industrial equipment manufacturers, so we offer unparalleled repair results for these and other industrial equipment components. Find out if we service your equipment by contacting us today.

Even equipment inefficiencies can be solved before they lead to catastrophic failure. A damaged component may not immediately stop your equipment, so it’s important for a trained specialist to perform routine maintenance and inspections on your critical equipment.

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Request a quote for your industrial equipment repair needs. Whether you have an inefficient motor, inoperable press or erratic electronic issue, K+S Services offers the turn-key solutions you need. Learn more about our competitive services and get started with a prompt and reliable repair project for your equipment.