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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

You depend on hydraulic cylinders to help you deliver essential goods and services to your customers. Faulty cylinders translate into downtime. That’s lost money and time that you and those who depend on you can’t afford. When you need hydraulic cylinder repair, it makes sense to count on a company with a track record of high-quality repairs, reliable service and effective solutions. That’s exactly what K+S Services delivers: dependable, rigorously-tested hydraulic repair, hydraulic pump repair and more that end downtime and return your production processes to peak efficiency.

K+S Services repairs most manufacturer’s Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

  • Single or double end
  • Repair / replacement of rods, seals, piston heads, gland nuts, and tubes
  • Any diameter up to 14″ and lengths to 18′
  • Pressure testing after repair to 3,000 psi
  • Replacement seals rated up to 6,000 psi and 500 deg F

All hydraulic cylinders received for repair are disassembled, all components cleaned and inspected, rods are measured for straightness and wear. tubes are measured for wear and the seal / wear band grooves are measured and inspected.

All hydraulic cylinder repairs are dynamically tested to verify proper operation and leak free performance.

Expert Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Cylinders are what is known as a “linear” actuator. Their basic operation is to move something in and out or up and down. The particular cylinder below is a “tie rod” type cylinders with “trunions” so that it can can pivot in it’s application. This cylinder is also an “oil or hydraulic” cylinder. The two basic cylinder configurations are “tie rod” and “mill” types. A tie rod cylinder has it’s end cap and seal gland cap held to the tube via tie rods. A mill cylinder has no end cap because it is a welded construction with the seal gland normally a screw in configuration. Cylinders can be used with oil, air, or water depending on their application and design. They also come in numerous shapes and sizes (bore and stroke) depending on their application.

You can find cylinders in virtually all industries. Another place to look in in the mobile industry. Large cylinders are used as shock absorbers on the large Quarry or Mining trucks, and on bulldozers, endloaders, etc. for various functions. They can also be found in the entertainment industry.

Accountability and Reliability

From the moment you contact K+S Services for hydraulic cylinder repair services, we dedicate our efforts to ensuring that you receive your parts back in exceptional working condition. The result is a cylinder that meets or exceeds OEM specifications and performs according to its original pressure rating. Our included Repair and Testing Report is complete with several key details for your review:

  • Problems identified
  • Parts repair or replaced
  • Testing details, duration and results
  • Probable root cause of failure
  • Recommended installation instructions

Some of the Hydraulic Cylinder and Servo Actuator brands we service and repair include: Anker-Holth, Boxtel-Holland, Caterpillar, Graco, Hanna, Hydroline, Instrom, Kress, Komatsu, Lynair, Miller Milwaukee, MTS, Moog, Nopak, Rexroth, Sheffer, Tomkins and more.

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K+S Services almacena más de $5 millones de excedentes de inventario remanufacturado para dar servicio a equipo obsoleto o viejo. Ya sea que usted se encuentre en una situación de emergencia, detenido con una pieza que la OEM ya no admite, o simplemente esté buscando una opción menos costosa que comprar una nueva, K+S puede tener la solución de su problema. Todas nuestras piezas de refacciones remanufacturadas son sometidas a una prueba completa del sistema en ambiente de “circuito cerrado” para garantizar un funcionamiento adecuado para que estén listas para instalarse en su equipo inmediatamente después de ser entregadas.

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Proceso de Reparación Certificado

Nuestro proceso de reparación certificado ISO 9001:2015, está diseñado para garantizar que todas las reparaciones sean ejecutadas correctamente, para que todas las piezas sean le regresadas en excelente condición de funcionamiento. Nuestro portal de clientes le permite seguir y monitorear sus piezas a través del proceso. Lea más para conocer sobre nuestro proceso de reparación de ocho pasos.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair


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