ABB Repair

ABB RepairIf you implement cutting-edge ABB parts automated technology in your company, you understand how even the most innovative parts need repair and replacement. Learn more about how K+S Services offers leading ABB repair, replacement and maintenance services to keep your plant moving forward.

We service a variety of ABB equipment in nearly any relevant industry. From steel and industrial manufacturing to food and beverage facilities, any business that implements advanced ABB machinery can benefit from repair services by K+S Services. Reach out for an accurate diagnosis, prompt parts ordering and personalized repair solutions for your particular industry.

ABB Parts

We repair ABB teach pendants, servo motors, amplifiers, memory expansion boards, panel units, modules, contactors, controllers and more. Some of the specific parts we repair include:

  • 3HAC16590 – Flex Teach Pendant
  • 3HAC025338-006 – Main Servo Drive
  • 3HAC14549-3 – Rectifier
  • 3HAC16014-1/07 – SMU Board
  • 3HAA3563
  • 3HAB5386
  • 3HAB5845
  • 3HAB8101
  • 3HAC

  • 3HAC14551-2 – Capacitor Unit
  • 3HAC020929-006 – Computer Unit
  • 3HAC12928-1 – Control Power Supply
  • 3HAC020466-001 – Drive Power Supply
  • 3HNE
  • DSQC
  • E3HAC
  • ACS drives

Search our ABB Products Inventory

There’s a reason you chose ABB for your robotics and automated technology. This highly successful company produces a wide range of parts and equipment to improve efficiency in your plant:

ABB parts

  • Process automation
  • Low-voltage products
  • Discrete automation and motion
  • Power systems
  • Power products

Depending on your industry, you’ll find automated solutions that are designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve workplace safety.

At K+S Services, our ABB products range from full systems and processors to teach pendants, wrist assemblies and power supplies. Because we support a wide range of unique parts from a number of leading manufacturers, we can provide you with prompt part replacement.

Part of our commitment to industrial repair services is providing spare parts for obsolete equipment. If you’re still working with an obsolete ABB system, but don’t wish to invest in a brand-new replacement system, we can work with you to determine whether we have the spare part in our extensive catalog of inventory.

Comprehensive ABB Repairs

ABB robot repairSecure efficient repair solutions to get your ABB products fully restored in less time. A downed robotic system costs you significantly in terms of lost productivity. From minor repairs to major overhauls, our skilled team can provide you with the essential robotic repair solutions you need.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures you’ll receive nothing but industry-leading repair solutions. An example of a common repair solution is a restored ABB teach pendant. These controllers are commonly damaged during normal operation, so many companies choose to invest in new pendants as their old ones are damaged. Instead, we can refurbish your teach pendant and provide you with full functionality and a like-new look.

Similarly, end-of-arm tooling is frequently dulled, chipped or broken during long hours of use. We can repair, resharpen and restore your tooling to save on replacement costs. This is particularly useful if your assembly requires specialized tooling for your particular application.

Turn-Key Industrial Repair Solutions

From inspection to securing parts to providing innovative repair and quality control solutions, K+S Services is a leader in turn-key solutions. Hard-to-find ABB parts, particularly parts that are no longer being manufactured.

We provide you with a quote based on a detailed estimate of your particular ABB repair issue. Next, we’ll work with you to create a timetable and locate the necessary parts and equipment. Our experienced team will undertake all the necessary repairs, as well as test your robotics to ensure full restoration of use.

Contact us today to learn more about our ABB parts and repair solutions. Whether you have a full manufacturing facility of ABB equipment or need a single component to restore a specialized piece of equipment, K+S Services can help you restore your plant and keep your company producing top-of-the-line products and services to your customers. Take advantage of our decades of experience and global industrial repair service support to take your company to the next level.

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