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Robot Controllers & Manipulators

K+S has the widest range of robots in the industry with both American and Japanese interface controls. Each component from your robot is diagnosed, repaired, and system tested in our robot to ensure proper operation in your application. Our capabilities include support on drives, motors, system boards, operator panels and teach pendants.

We have installed over 25 robotic manipulator and controller diagnostic systems in order to facilitate complete functional and closed loop testing for a wide range of robotic components. Electrical devices ranging from CPU, axis, communication boards to teach pendants, power supplies, servo drives, I/O modules and operator display panels are included.

Mechanical items such as gear boxes, balancers, wrist assemblies, and servo motors are also supported. These diagnostic systems will ensure full load and repeatedly testing for all your robotic repair needs. Common manufacturers include, but are not limited to:

  • Fanuc
  • Nachi
  • Kawasaki
  • Motoman
  • ABB
  • Kuka

Technical Bulletins:
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Comau C3G Plus Comau C3G Plus
Fanuc 30iA Fanuc 30iA
Fanuc 30iB

Fanuc RJ3
Fanuc RJ3

Nachi AX Robot Controller Nachi AX Robot Controller
Motoman NX100 Motoman NX100
Motoman XRC with UP130 Manipulator Motoman XRC with UP130 Manipulator

ABB IRB 6400 ABB IRB 6400


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Robot Controllers and Manipulators

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